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  • Seger has been at the forefront of knitwear since 1947.

    Knitted hats are highly personal choises. They've served us as head warmers, fashion accessories, and trendsetters.
  • Sleep outdoors. It's the thing.

    Peder Karlsson, a music teacher from Tarnaby, Sweden, lives a normal family life. But he decided that it would be glorious to sleep in the mountains the first 101 days of 2013. Of course, he kept his head and feet warm with Seger.
  • Beauty comes from within.

    Agnes Fisher is a model. She likes our hats, which explains why she styled herself with three layers of them (typical model). "The new black." we say.
  • A genuine greaser from the 1600s.

    Bullen Hansson: a legend in Åre, Sweden. He's worked as a lift attendant for the past 20 years. Guess what's on his head every working day? A Seger hat.
  • A legend in outdoor photography.

    Felix Oppenheim is a Stockholmer, who chose mountains over asphalt and became a legend within outdoor and ski photography. Of course we photographed him in our Heritage collection. Both the hat and his skis have their origins in the early 1980s.
  • A sharp looking CEO.

    Julia Kalthoff, a 23-year-old from southern Sweden who grabbed her share of the male-dominated axe market. Four years ago she launched her career in the industry as a blacksmith's apprentice. Today she's the CEO of Wetterling's axe factory.
  • With a skiing career behind her.

    Anja Pärson. Last year, she set aside her racing skis and became a full-time mom. "As a mom, I really rock," she admits. We think she rocks hard in every way, and we're already looking forward to the next hat collection.
  • High-flying crystal expert.

    Bertil Vallien is one of Sweden's most favored, famous crystal artists. With Ulrica Hydman Vallien, his wife, they've been creating Swedish crystal history for nearly half a century.
  • Beautiful daily life & street art.

    At age 14, Shai Dahan was a full-fledged classical graffiti artist, who created his art on Los Angeles streets. Now he paints pictures with his distinctive graffiti style. We cannot help but beeing dazzled by his colorful personality and art.
  • Loves to compete.

    Jens Byggmark is another ski celebrity from Tarnaby. Regardless of wether it's an alpine world cup or a friendly bet with a buddy: Jens hate to lose. We like Jens and his gadgets.
  • Twenty-five years in the mountains.

    Danne Forslund's business operation offers heli-skiing and cat-skiing, a restaurant, accommodations, and special guided tours on the mountains. We equipped Danne with our Advantage collection and photographed him in the big city.
  • 128 BPM in the city that never sleeps.

    Jacob Karlsson left job security as a carpenter in Sweden for New York City and became a DJ. With a bunch of beautiful club gigs on his résumé , we're now waiting for him to enter the big arenas. Perhaps it's time to re-launch our hat with built-in headphones?
  • Recycling fashion.

    Edith P Anden creates fashionable bags and accessories from materials that are usually thrown away. One way to recycle and save resources. Maybe her next project will be a purse made of Seger's remnants?
  • The "do" isn't a big deal.
    Petra Lundin is a hairdresser at one of Sweden's most reowned salons. When she is not creating spectacular showcase hairstyles in a salon dense with hair-spray mist, she likes to climb around in the mist of some of the world's highest mountains.


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