• Friction Relief
  • Friction Relief


The numerous advantages of FRICTION RELIEF:

  • Minimum friction compared with other fibres and solid materials. Even when the socks are wet.

  • Wear-resistant and non-bobbling even when compared with polyamide.

  • Good resistance to chemicals, so can be washed again and again.

  • Does not absorb water, dries quickly, which reduces friction.

  • Repels oil – easy to keep clean.
  • Flameproof (LOI of 95%). Used for fire brigade uniforms and socks.
  • UV resistant. We give a 20-year guarantee on the material’s surface structure.

  • Excellent colour fastness.

  • Resistant to biological fouling.
  • Antibacterial yarn.
  • Does not shrink during washing, tumble-drying, boiling or steaming.